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Black Tgirls - Reviewed by : Patti
Site Rating
Content Quality : 19 / 25
Content Amount : 19 / 20
Purchase Value : 13 / 15
Updates : 12 / 15
Exclusive Content : 9 / 10
Site Speed : 3 / 5
Navigation : 4 / 5
Tour Promises/Reality : 5 / 5
Total Global Score : 84 / 100
Price and Billing : Credit Card, Check, Mail, e-Mail, Fax and Phone. Starts at $24,95

First Impressions :
If you're a black shemale fan, you know it isn't easy to find a site dedicated to this niche. Luckily there's Black-Tgirls, brought to us by the good folks at Grooby. Every model on Black-Tgirls is an ebony tranny, and most are gorgeous and can really pass. On the second tour page are thumbs of the models added in the last few months, and I find the them intriguing. The tour definitely leaves me wanting more, so let's log into the member area and check it out!

Our Opinions :
I was impressed by the light and airy feel of the member area of Black-Tgirls. A lot of shemale sites are crowded and there's so much going on that it's hard to figure out where to look first. The menu is on the upper right, the latest girls are on the left. Below the thumbs of the latest girls is some text telling us about each one. All the advertising is kept on the right or the bottom of the page - at the top, where it counts, Black-Tgirls is all about showing us the content.

I gotta tell you, the majority of the models on Black-Tgirls can easily pass for real girls. In fact it's hard to imagine some of the ebony beauties on this site being anything except GGs. Their faces, their bodies, the way they move - these are some very sexy tbabes.

The first thing I decided to go for was the videos. I wanted to see these black trannies in action. The videos are a very mixed bag as far as size and rather mixed in format, but the girls are great. I saw a beautiful shemale finish putting on her makeup and stroke her cock in a good quality WMV that showed her at 520k at a screen size of 320x240.

I think my favorite video was of Vicki. Vicki is an ebony tgirl a little on the thick side with a sexy body body, a very feminine voice and a little attitude. She is really good at talking dirty while stroking her very large black cock for the camera.

There are currently over 480 videos inside Black-Tgirls. I'm not talking about clips but actual separate videos. The older movies are Real Player format. They're lower quality than the newer videos, streaming at around 300k. They are amateur quality and for the most part you'll probably enjoy them. The girls are sexy and as long as you don't try to go fullscreen, the image quality is okay.

The newer videos are available in 2 formats - WMV and DivX, which is AVI. The DivX videos are shown at a nice large screen size of 480x320 and look pretty good. I preferred the WMVs because they loaded faster. They are shown at 320x240 and at that size, they look good. They still look pretty good at 200% if you enlarge them.

You'll find the pics in the Galleries section of Black-Tgirls. There are over 525 pic sets, the pics getting newer as you move from gallery 1 toward gallery 26. Each "gallery" contains from 5 - 9 models, some with more than one pic set. The pics improve as they get more recent, but all definitely show off the models. The pics range in size from 470x700 to 800x600. Most of the photography is amateur to good amateur quality, and I have to say it again - these are wonderful shemales!

Please note that most of the pic sets and videos inside Black-Tgirls are mostly solo. I spent a lot of time looking around the site and saw models posing, stripping and stroking their cocks. I did not see any pics or videos of hardcore.

Beside the pics and videos, Black-Tgirls has a forum, a link to shemale personal ads that includes escorts and also a guidebook to places you can go to meet shemales around the world.

Conclusion :
Black-Tgirls has a lot to offer shemale lovers, and even more to offer fans of black tgirls. I have only seen a couple other sites that feature all-black shemales and they didn't offer original content. This site has a huge collection of ebony trannies who are feminine and very sexy. With plenty of pics and videos to choose from, there are also updates every Wednesday with several new models. If black shemales turn you on, do yourself a favor and check out Black-Tgirls!

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