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Bobs Tgirls - Reviewed by : Patti
Site Rating
Content Quality : 19 / 25
Content Amount : 14 / 20
Purchase Value : 13 / 15
Updates : 10 / 15
Exclusive Content : 10 / 10
Site Speed : 3 / 5
Navigation : 3 / 5
Tour Promises/Reality : 3 / 5
Total Global Score : 75 / 100
Price and Billing : Credit Card, Check and Phone. Starts at $19,95

First Impressions :
Bob's Tgirls is a shemale site that promises us 100% original high quality images and high quality video clips. If you surf in a couple pages you will find thumbs of some of the tgirls, each thumb linked to a full sized pic. There really IS a Bob and you can read what he has to say about his site in the tour. He says he is a shemale lover and also a friend of some of the models so it will be interesting to see his vision. Let's go inside now and get the scoop on Bob's Tgirls!

Our Opinions :
The member menu for Bob's Tgirls runs down the left side of the page. The first things on the right are 2 advertising banners - 1 for Bob's lastest video and another leading to a shemale DVD store. Beneath that is the site news, including birthdays of the models, news of what's up with them plus ads for Bob's videos and news about his DVD store. I was happy to see that there is also news and events listed from the transsexual community. And beneath the site news and announcements are links to cancel your membership if you choose to do so.

When you go to the video section of Bob's Tgirls, the first several things you will find on the page are several ads. There is a banner for Bob's DVD store, a banner selling his latest video and then a text link selling a 3-pack of his videos are listed above the videos themselves. There are 119 videos inside Bob's Tgirls at this time, each listed by thumb. There are 8 thumbs of video boxes in between the listings but they didn't link to videos - they are ads selling videos from Bob's TGirl Fantasies video series.

I found some well-known trannies listed in the movie section including Gia Darling, Allanah Star, Mylady, and Vaniity. It's always nice to see real shemale stars in action and Bob has done shoots with good number of names in the adult industry.

All the Bob's Tgirls videos I watched are MPGs and are shown at a screen size of 352x263. While most of them were good amateur quality, none were good enough quality to be enlarged to full screen in 1024x768 without seeing a very noticeable loss of quality. Most lost some quality being enlarged to 200%. At a time when there are sites are showing high-quality streaming WMV videos at 640x480, these videos do not stand out as high quality.

While I would have appreciated higher production value, I like Bob's work. He really does have a special feel for his models. There are some great interviews and intros and the tgirls were consistantly sexy and appealing. There are plenty of sexy strips and masturbation to be found in these videos plus some very hot cumshots.

The Bob's Tgirls pics are fun and sexy and pretty good sized. The pics ranged from 517x782 to 634x960 in screen size and they had good color and mostly good lighting. There are 259 pic sets, each listed in "galleries" of 5 girls or you can search them by area.

When you get to each model's page, there is bio info about her and sometimes contact info. Some have links to interviews as well - don't miss them as they are interesting and really let you get to know the tgirls on the site.

You will find that some of the models have more than one pic set listed by preview thumb on her page. These pics sets have plenty of glamour and show that Bob is not only a shemale fan but also a lover of old-school centerfold photography. I particularly like this kind of pics because it emphasizes all the most feminine poses and helps show the tits, ass and - in this case - the cock in the most alluring ways.

The Bob's Tgirls forum is great reading. Bob, some of the models and other tgirl photographers post there. You can read about a tgirl's new website or a photographer's nightmare in another country. While this isn't the busiest board around, what's there is well-worth spending some time on.

Two more sections I really recommend are the stories and Bob's bio. If you wonder how Bob became a well-known photographer who specializes in transgender girls, this is excellent reading. You can read about the tgirls he's known, the clubs, about the people who helped launch his career and about the friends he's made in the transsexual community. And be sure not to miss the stories - the collection isn't huge, but it's sent in by members and there is some sexy stuff there.

For me the best parts of Bob's Tgirls are the interviews, the pics and Bob's bio. I also enjoyed the forum. The parts that I wasn't as happy with included the overload of advertising and the navigation, which I sometimes found confusing. The pics were good quality and fulfilled the tour promise while the videos were not quite as good as I felt the tour indicated but were still worth watching.

Conclusion :
The bottom line is that Bob's Tgirls has something a lot of other sites don't have - a personality. Bob's warm feelings for his beautiful models shows in the way they are presented and you can also read his site news, bio and the forum to get more of a feeling about this site. The pics are good quality and the videos are amateur quality overall. This site has some wonderful tranny hotties and you should definitely take the opportunity to check it out and see what you think!

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