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Franks Tgirl World - Reviewed by : Patti
Site Rating
Content Quality : 20 / 25
Content Amount : 19 / 20
Purchase Value : 15 / 15
Updates : 13 / 15
Exclusive Content : 10 / 10
Site Speed : 3 / 5
Navigation : 3 / 5
Tour Promises/Reality : 5 / 5
Total Global Score : 88 / 100
Price and Billing : Credit Cards, Check, Phone and Mail. Starts at $24,95!

First Impressions :
Today we're taking a look at Frank's-Tgirl World from Grooby. If you're a tgirl fan you're probably already aware of Grooby. Grooby produces some of the better-known and longest running shemale sites on the web, and one of their most popular photographers is Frank. Frank knows lots of the most famous shemale pornstars out there, and he also travels the world looking for new tgirls to photograph. You can see all the site has to offer on the tour, so I'm off to the member area to learn more about Frank's-Tgirl World.

Our Opinions :
When you log into Frank's-Tgirl World you will find news on the left side of the page. Frank is very personally involved with his site and tells you all the details about finding the shemales he shoots in various countries. This year, he's been in Brazil, Malasia and the Phillipines, and sends updates and info from each country.

At the top of the page you will find 8 links, each taking you to various parts of the site. You can see coming attractions, latest updates, videos, pics and the forum. Frank's-Tgirl world also includes links to personal ads, a video store and a links page full of links to the other Grooby sites and Frank's video sales site.

The JUMP GALLERY link on the top of the page takes you to the pics section. There are over 500 pics sets inside Frank's-Tgirl World, all taken by Frank himself. On the page you will find links to galleries, which are actually more like collections. Each gallery offers 10 tgirls, each with at least one pic set as well as a profile of the model.

The pic sets at Frank's-Tgirl World shows the models as highly desirable and very beautiful girls. At the start of most of the picture sets are beautifully done photos of hot shemales in a wide array of sexy clothes and lingerie. Even as they undress, you wouldn't guess that most of Frank's models are shemales until they pull out their cocks. Even if you're not usually a fan of pics, I recommend you check these out.

Frank's-Tgirl World does not offer small or low quality pics. While different pic sets offer different sizes of photos, the smallest pics I found on the site were 473x710 and the largest were 1000x667. All the pics are good quality, and some are almost magazine quality.

The pics are good stuff, but what about the videos? You can find the Frank's-Tgirl World videos by clicking VIDEOS at the top of the page.

There are over 500 videos on Frank's-Tgirl World. The newest videos are available in DivX (AVI) and Windows Media format. The new DivX clips are the biggest and best, shown at a screen size of 720x480 at good amateur quality. The Windows Media videos are a little smaller, shown at 480x360 and streaming at just over 500k. These are also good amateur quality, which means that while they could be a little sharper, there is no blurring or artifacts. If you enlarge these videos you may notice a loss of quality, but if you watch them at their natural size, they look good.

The medium-age videos are available in your choice of DivX or Real Player format. The Real videos stream at around 449k and look pretty good. If you enlarge them, they lose sharpness so if you want to see bigger videos, I suggest the DivX clips - they are bigger, shown at 480x360. The oldest movies, starting at GALLEY 01, have the shortest and lower quality videos. They are available for Real Player only, and stream at around 149Kbps.

While the oldest videos often get right to the action, the rest often include short interviews where Frank asks the tgirls a little about themselves. You can see Frank's camcorder work as his video camera brings us closeups of all those sexy tranny tits and cocks. Since Frank really is a shemale fan, his camera work reflects that.

Beside the pics and videos, members of Frank's-Tgirl World get access to a great shemale escort list. Just select PERSONALS at the top of the page and you'll find a list of trannies available in many states and in 8 countries beside the U.S. You can browse the tgirl listings by pic, and there is full contact information.

Conclusion :
Frank's-Tgirl World stands out from other shemale sites because of Frank's personal involvement with his models. The pics are good quality, some very good. The videos are shown in clips, and all but the oldest look and sound good. And the shemales are presented as very pretty girls with cocks. Frank sometimes flirts a little when he talks to them, and they love it and give us their best. With tons of content, lots of updates and gorgeous shemales, any true tranny love should be sure to give Frank's-Tgirl World a visit!

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