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Grooby Archives - Reviewed by : Patti
Site Rating
Content Quality : 21 / 25
Content Amount : 19 / 20
Purchase Value : 15 / 15
Updates : 15 / 15
Exclusive Content : 5 / 10
Site Speed : 4 / 5
Navigation : 5 / 5
Tour Promises/Reality : 5 / 5
Total Global Score : 89 / 100
Price and Billing : Credit Card, Check, Mail, e-Mail, Fax and Phone. Starts at $24,95

First Impressions :
If you surf shemales on the web, chances are you are already familiar with Grooby. They own and operate 8 of th most well-known shemale sites out there and they've been doing it since 1996. Grooby Archive is a collection of the best of their tranny pics and movies from all their other sites. The tour shows that the site has added 22 new pic sets and 17 new video this week. That is a lot of updates! I'm off to the member area to see more and tell you what I find.

Our Opinions :
You can tell that this is a more recent site than the other Grooby sites - the tour and the member area are much more organized and easy to use. The member area looks clean and thoughtfully laid out with a menu on the left with 6 options - GALLERIES, VIDEOS, UPDATES, FORUM, FAX and LINKS. Since the tour claims there are 3909 photosets, why don't we start there?

The GALLERIES section is organized alphabetically. You can either click the GALLERIES button on the left or pic a letter at the top of the main member page. If you know the names of specific shemales you'd like to see, you can search for them by the first letter of their name. If you aren't looking for anyone in particular, just choose any letter and browse the girls by sample thumb. I decided to browse by letter and I discovered there are 176 different models inside Grooby Archive whose names start with S and 19 models whose names start with the letter Y.

When you click on a model, you are taken to a page telling about her on the left and showing 1 or more thumbs on the right. Each thumb leads to a single photo shoot and I found models with 1 thumb and models with 5 or 6. The pics are all a good size although there are many different sizes. Most I found ranged from 525x700 to 900x600 with a few sizes in between. All the pics were good quality and really showcased each tgirl's beauty and sexuality. Many sets started with glamour or casual posing and end with some very hot cock pics.

The variety of shemales and sheer volume of the pic sets was incredible. There were plenty of asian ladyboys, some sophisticated, some playful - and most were beautiful. There are lots of black shemales who one could never tell were shemales as long as their pants stayed on. There were tons of blondes and all sorts of latinas, and the bottom line here is Grooby Archive has an incredible collection of pics - and I really DO believe that these girls and pic sets are the best that Grooby has to offer.

The updates page shows that there really are 22 pic sets. Wow! Most of the content is solo and includes teasing, stripping, cock stroking or toy play but some is hardcore. There are also 17 video updates, sort of. Actually one shoot shows twice, listed once by shemale and once by male model. Still, 16 videos in one week is a very nice update. Most of the video updates are softcore, but there is some hardcore. Beside the video 3-way featuring devestating tranny pornstar Pamela Anderson, a girl and a very hunky guy there is also a video featuring a model called Odette which is mostly solo but she does suck on a cock - I believe the photographer's.

The videos, like with the other Grooby sites, are amateur to good amateur quality. The first one i watched was in Real and streamed at 224K It looked okay at its original size, which but it did not look too good enlarged. The next movie I tried were of Duda Little. This blond TS goddess is one of my favorites. This video was available in both Real and AVI. The Real clips were shown at 499Kbps and 310x236, which looked a lot better than the first movie I watched. The AVI was shown at 480x324 and the quality was even better. It had some issues at the bottom of the screen, some strange error but it didn't interfere with the action in the video.

One of the videos added this week is of a stunning black tgirl named Tasha. Her Real videos stream at 299Kbps, which isn't great quality but looks okay at its original size. When I enlarged it to 200% I saw some blurring. The AVI was shown at only 320x240 and was better quality than the Real video. There was a little quality dropoff at 200% and at full screen that quality loss was pretty noticeable.

Another video added this week was of TS pornstar Pamela Anderson with another tgirl and a guy. The Real video was shown at 449Kbps but I had trouble with the AVI - I could not get it to play and when I downloaded it I could hear the sound but could not see the video.

There was 1 issue going on inside Groovy Archive. On pages where there were supposed to be a lot of thumbs, some would often show up as errors. They were still clickable if you wanted to check the model, but you couldn't see her preview thumb. Also a few times when I clicked videos, I got a missing page. When I reloaded, the page was there however I never was able to get to the forum which always came up missing.

Conclusion :
Grooby Archive is an impressive site. Its simpler navigation makes it easier to use than the other Grooby sites I've seen and the incredible collection of good quality shemale pics will blow your mind. The video collection is large and both collections are full of very sexy shemales from all over the world. If you want to check out a shemale site where you can keep browing more and more content for weeks, Grooby Archive is surely that site with their huge updates and enormous pic collection. Why not surf over and visit Grooby Archive - you won't be disappointed!

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