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Ladyboy Crush - Reviewed by : Patti
Site Rating
Content Quality : 20 / 25
Content Amount : 14 / 20
Purchase Value : 14 / 15
Updates : 14 / 15
Exclusive Content : 10 / 10
Site Speed : 4 / 5
Navigation : 4 / 5
Tour Promises/Reality : 5 / 5
Total Global Score : 85 / 100
Price and Billing : Credit Card, Check and Phone. Starts at $29,93

First Impressions :
The tour of Ladyboy Crush is like a breath of fresh air. It's clean, well-organized and the ladyboys are hotties and well-presented. You can see small samples of sections throughout the site, and when you click the pictures link, you can see preview thumbs of a whole lot of ladyboys. I'm going to log in now to find out if the member area delivers what the tour promises.

Our Opinions :
The Ladyboy Crush member area is clean and easy to navigate. The site menu is at the top of the page followed by a welcome and the site news. Beneath this are preview thumbs for the next 2 pic updates and next video update. There is no advertising or banners on the page.

The navigation buttons at the top of the page are pretty clear and to the point. They are MEET THE GIRLS, VIDEOS, PICTURES, CANDIDS, FORUM, LADYBOY GUIDE and HELP - plus a link to HOME for when you're on the other pages. Let's start off by checking out the Meet the Girls section.

Meet the Girls is an alphabetical listing of the photo shoots in the site. They are listed by the models' names and each listing includes a preview thumb plus a mini profile of the model and some text telling about the shoot. The profile includes the model's name, age, the date the site was added, what city the ladyboy lives in, which bar she works at and her dick size. The models are gorgeous and very sexy, the pics are good amateur quality to good quality and are nice and large, shown at a screen size of 900x1200.

The luscious shemales inside Ladyboy Crush are absolutely gorgeous. Some are beautiful and well-hung newcomers where I have seen some of the models before on other sites. Maybe it's the photographer that Ladyboy Crush uses or maybe it's the mood at the shoots, but the tgirls look especially tempting on this site. Plenty of sexy looks and lots of tranny masturbation make the pic sets on Ladyboy Crush well worth checking out.

Most of the videos in Ladyboy Crush are WMVs except for the 7 most recent video updates, which are shown in Quicktime format. All the videos are shown in clips with no full movie download option. The Ladyboy Crush video section contains 34 videos at this time, although there are some videos in the Candids section, as well.

The oldest videos are shown at a screen size of 400x300 while the newer WMVs are shown at a generous 640x480. The WMVs are good quality and play smoothly. The new videos, which are Quicktime, are shown at 720x576. While this is a very nice big size, the quality is not as good as the WMVs. Still, if you're looking for really big shemale videos, these will definitely fit the bill.

The pictures section of Ladyboy Crush has pretty much the same listings as Meet the Girls, but in date order. This is pretty much a personal thing, but I preferred seeing the sets in date order. There are currently just over 130 pic sets listed. Most are solo shemale sets but there are some hardcore sets as well.

The Candids section is sort of the behind the scenes section of Ladyboy Crush. There are 5 candid pic sets, 2 candid vid sets and 15 interviews there. If you like knowing more about the tgirls and seeing them get ready for their photo shoots, Candids is a great section. I enjoyed this section and I hope they continue to add more pics and videos to it.

The last two content sections in the member area of Ladyboy Crush are the Forum and the Ladyboy Guide. In the forum I found frank discussion about whether the guys prefer ladyboys with big cocks or small, shaved or unshaved. The members also talked about their favorite models on the site, and some had actually been to Thailand and met some of the girls. The Ladyboy Guide lists 5 of the most popular Thai Ladyboy bars. It tells how to find them, when they close, what the girls are like. If you're going to Thailand to meet ladyboys, this guide will be a great help.

Conclusion :
If you love large movies of beautiful ladyboys as they stroke their cocks and pose with grace and plenty of sex appeal, I think you'll really like Ladyboy Crush. Not only are the tgirls hot, but this site has grown a great deal in the last couple of months. Ladyboy Crush is updatied with around 20 pic sets a month. The videos aren't dated so I can't tell how often they add them to the site, however a couple months ago there were 9 videos and today there are 34 so videos are definitely being added. If you love the sexuality of asian ladyboys, I definitely recommend you check out Ladyboy Crush.

Members Area Sample Pictures :

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