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SheAniMale - Reviewed by : Apryl
Site Rating
Content Quality : 25 / 25
Content Amount : 16 / 20
Purchase Value : 12 / 15
Updates : 8 / 15
Exclusive Content : 10 / 10
Site Speed : 4 / 5
Navigation : 5 / 5
Tour Promises/Reality : 5 / 5
Total Global Score : 85 / 100
Price and Billing : Credit Card, Check and Phone. Starts at $29,95

First Impressions :
I love anime. I donít care who or what the drawings are it always really interests me and if youíre a shemale fan and an anime / cartoon fan then Sheanimale is going to appeal to you. This site only features exclusive content that is hand drawn or so the tour tells us. The tour is a great lure to anyone in to have a sampling of anime and shemales. The tour itself offers you enough sample cartoons to really get your juices going with fifteen sample pictures, and the story lines behind them. These pictures will have you wanting to get inside and check out all the goodies.

Our Opinions :
This site will have you confused at first, when you enter in a member id and password. It then gives you this small bit to read and then it states submit query. At first, I was thinking a query for what? I couldnít find another button to enter the members area so took a chance and clicked on it. Good thing thatís how you first enter the memberís area. That is the only confusing thing about this site. The rest of the site is laid out in a clear and concise fashion. There is a nice navigation button set on the left hand side that leads you to updates, category, cartoon or hentai, send your story and contacts. The update section shows the most recently added cartoons or hentai and anything else that has been added to the site.

If youíre a video lover, then you wonít like this site. There isnít one animated video or cartoon.

This site first started in April of 2006 since then they have added a total of 67 sets, 31 in Cartoon and 37 in Hentai sections. These are all hand drawn sets, so there arenít a lot of pictures. What you will find however is superbly drawn artwork. You can almost count all the pubic hair on each toon and the hot sticky cum seems to slide out of the pictures and dribble across my keyboard. The navigation is easy.

The scenes are laid out with large thumbnailed picture along side the background story of the cartoon or hentai pictures. Click on the thumb and you are taken to the main page for that cartoon/hentai set. This also has the longer description of what is happening along with the pictures. There are usually 7-10 high res pictures in each set. Click the first thumb and youíre taken to the larger picture, by clicking on that picture you are moved to the 2nd, 3rd, etc until youíre at the end of the set. Clicking on the x at the top right hand corner will close that window and youíll be at your navigation starting point. You can also download all the sets in a zip format for your collection.

The rest of the site is rounded out with a submit your story section. This is a section you write a story and if chosen they will draw a set of pictures to match it. I liked that very unique. You can also contact them with a mail form.

Conclusion :
This site offers a nice mixture of hentai and cartoon shemale action. I liked the fact that the subscribers have great input into this site. These cartoons are mainly from member submitted stories and fantasies that they wanted to see come to life in cartoon form. If you have a fantasy then you can add it to the que to be created. The forum states it takes about 2 months to have your specific fantasy created for the website. That means youíd have to stay a member for at least that long to see if it happens.

I loved the great wallpapers that were an extra addition for this year. There are 12 wonderfully drawn anime and cartoon calendar months that you can use as a background on your desktop.

They update weekly with fresh exclusive toons and hentai which means you wonít find it anywhere else. If youíre a fan of shemales, hentai, anime and cartoons then you might want to pop in and check it out.

Members Area Sample Pictures :

Members Area PrintScreens :

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