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Shemale Yum - Reviewed by : Apryl
Site Rating
Content Quality : 20 / 25
Content Amount : 20 / 20
Purchase Value : 14 / 15
Updates : 13 / 15
Exclusive Content : 10 / 10
Site Speed : 3 / 5
Navigation : 3 / 5
Tour Promises/Reality : 5 / 5
Total Global Score : 88 / 100
Price and Billing : Credit Cards, Check, Phone and Mail. Starts at $24,95!

First Impressions :
Shemale Yum is the internets longest running shemale website. That is what the tour tells us; that for over nine years they have collected and maintained tons of pictures and videos of exclusive amateur shemales. The tour gives you a good taste of what you will find inside the members area, the updated page showing who was added along with a picture of each shemale if you click on the thumbnail. There are hundreds of pictures on the tour alone they date back to 2003.

Our Opinions :
Shemale Yum updates the memberís area up to 32x per month; your eyes will pop out when you see the vast amount of pictures and videos you have access too when you enter the memberís area. There were over 30,000 pictures and over 350 different video models that I saw when I checked out this site. The layout is simple and not over dramatized, which makes surfing this site easy.

The main header of Shemale Yum (the logo) holds all the links you need to surf around the memberís area. The links are self-explanatory for the most part. The forum is a message board area for the members only, the big log is a diary of sorts for Seanchai, the personals is a dating link, and Trans Tails offers 56 erotic stories about shemale action. The yum store is where you can buy shemale videos and dvds. The health area talks about safe sex issues and guidebook tells you how to go out and about and find shemales.

At the time of my visit the main page held news updates and at the current time a contest to find the top 3 models for 2005.

I wanted to really get at those videos and also the pictures so here we go. When these guys update the site, they really update the site. They added in the latest update the girl of the month, and five galleries. If you click on any of the gallery names you are taken directly to that updated gallery. That offers a large picture of the girl along with a very detailed bio about her and sometimes her background, why she came to be photoed at Shemale Yum and other fun facts. Under that are other thumbnails if she has other galleries from the past as well.

The galleries link takes you a page with more links to sections of the galleries. You will find bubbleyum girls, model of the month, Yum Models, hardcore shoots, I want to be a girl, out and about and artwork. Thatís a lot of different sections to check out. Model of the month holds 29 galleries of the last 2 years worth of models of the month. The page is laid out with the model name, if she has appeared on the site before and if so links to those galleries, then 2 large size photos of the model and links to the other pictures.

The galleries are a hodgepodge to surf. They are all thumbnailed except for the Shemale Yum models and the artwork categories. These are hard to choose models in as those only have text links to the galleries. Once you guess a gallery and click on it you are taken to another page that offers you the galleries with just names of the girls in them; again another guessing game. Each of the galleries holds at least 5 girls and those girls have at least six models in them. When you get this far down there are thumbnailed pictures of the girls so you can choose a model and a navigation link to the bottom to skip through each gallery faster. These galleries are laid out the same as the update galleries. The actual picture thumbnails are on the small side and hard to see at times, but the bigger pictures are nice sized and crystal clear.

The video page offers you 2 columns. The first column is the video feeds area where you can find feeds to Tranny Sex, Mr. and Mrs. Video, DS Tranny World, Shemale Pornstars, Asian Shemales, Black Shemales, Brazilian Shemales, DG shemale, Superstars, Shemales, Shemales package, and Shemale mod. Thatís a lot of video feeds to watch!

At the time of my visit there were 45 video galleries. This again isnít screen-capped or thumbnailed you have to guess on which one to see first. Each gallery has roughly 20-29 different shemale stars that are thumbnailed so you can see her face before clicking on a personal video gallery. Each girl has her own number of videos inside. Iíve seen a few with only one large video and then a few with like 10 clips. Itís a mesh mash of video clips. You can watch these clips in either wmv or a new format called Divx. This is all outlined in the FAQ section and the video section of Shemale Yum. You can use the bottom navigation to go to the next girl in the gallery or back to another girl in the gallery. The clips are well done. I checked them out at normal size, double size and full screen. The picture stays the same and the sound could be a bit better, but overall you wonít be fiddling too much with controls while you watch these clips.

Conclusion :
This is one massive site of shemale pictures and videos. If your looking for something with a lot more shemales and tons of pictures and video then Shemale Yum is for you. There were over 30,000 pictures and over 350 video models a the time of my review. That is a shitload. This is a site definitely worth looking at. A big thumbs up for Shemale Yum.

Members Area Sample Pictures :

Members Area PrintScreens :

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